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The Honey Goods Difference is You!

As a Honey Goods vendor you share in our commitment of giving back to the communities we care about most, and making a positive impact on the social issues we face today. Feel empowered knowing that your business is directly engaged in affecting societal change for the better.

How do we empower businesses? Honey Goods has the lowest commission of any other online marketplace (lower than Amazon, Overstock, and We Buy Black). Our low commission rates allows your business to keep more money in-house, and stimulate the communities you reside in. How do we affect societal change? By leveraging our dollars, made by our portion of commissions, to support social change organizations such as Black Lives Matter, Wounded Warrior, and Human Trafficking committed to criminal justice reform and equality for all. Selling on our platform means you are directly involved in these initiatives. That’s what being a Honey Goods vendor is all about!

Thanks for being a vendor. Thanks for making a difference.

Below are some videos we’ve compiled to help you get started! Looking forward to selling with you!

How to Take Product Photos Video

How to Launch Product on Honey Goods – Coming Soon

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