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Match Your Lipstick Shades With Outfit Colors

How about choosing a lipstick color that goes well with your ensemble? That's nearly unimaginable, right?  If you're a lipstick collector like me, you probably have a wide variety of lipsticks in your beauty kit, each with its own unique feel and color, adding to your already considerable ...

What to Wear on Your Graduation Day?

The day you graduate is an important milestone in your life. After many long years of toiling away at school, now is the moment to rejoice! Consequently, you should have a big party and enjoy it the most. This may be accomplished, in part, by putting out your best appearance.  There isn't ...

Jade Roller Benefits: Are They True?

In the beauty world, facial tools are having a major moment right now. Everyone from A-listers and skincare gurus to social media stars and influencers can't stop raving about the amazing results to be had when using a face item like a jade roller as part of your daily beauty regimen. Jade ...

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