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By becoming a Honey Goods Merchant you’re making a bold statement. You’re saying that you’re committed to helping us empower consumers to begin shopping with purpose.

To shop with purpose means to shop your interest. Millions of consumers are looking to circulate dollars back into the communities that matter most to them. Be it Black Owned, Veteran Owned, or Women Owned businesses, YOU are apart of that community.

When you choose to sell on Honey Goods, know that you are directly involved in impacting social change. When you sell, consumers are able to support the communities they care about most, while Honey Goods works on the backend to create positive change permanently in those communities. We do this all while having the lowest commission rate (2% of sales) than any other online marketplace (lower than Amazon, Ebay, and We Buy Black).

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Transparency – fully open about the way we conduct business, and where we are spending our customers dollars.

Corporate Citizenship – taking responsibility and positively affecting change around us.

Diversity – having our company representatives actually resemble the communities we’re engaged in.

Integrity – always doing the right thing; even when it’s difficult.

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